A downloadable project

About This project has two logical parts:

  1. Draw a colofurl image to happy music This was inspired by the gloomy doom talks shortly before the theme was announced. I usually make games with less happy themes so I thought making someting coloful and relaxing would be nice. I used p5.js for that. I played around with an USB gamepad to toy around with the Web Gamepad API for drawing. That was interesting!

  2. Publish the image on social media First I had the created image only available as download. But what is art if nobody sees it? After Twitter blocking my test account I decided to use Mastodon as social media platform. I wrote a node server that takes the created from the canvas and posts (or toots as they say in Mastodon land) it to an account. The account is called unkown and shows images created by unknown individuals.

You can find the source code on GitHub.

Play it (FireFox seems most stable) You can use an usb gamepad (I developed with the Buffalo Classic Controller) or your keyboard. A gamepad has much better reponse times for drawing though! 
There is an playable online version of Unknown Artist here https://unknown-artist.herokuapp.com/

Credits Sounds by Mativve under Attribution License

Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

On your computer To run the game locally you need to have NodeJS installed and have access to a Mastodon social account.

  • Clone this repo or unzip the downloaded zip and cd into it

  • $ mv .env-sample .env and put it your Mastodon account data

  • run $ npm install

  • $ npm start

On the internet You can also just play the online version here https://unknown-artist.herokuapp.com/ (loading takes quite long, also FireFox is more stable) and see images here https://awoo.space/@unknown.


unknown-artist-1.0.0.zip 11 MB